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  • Fri

    Bennett Paster Trio


    153 E 53th St (54th St @ 3rd Ave), NYC

    My Friday evening trio residency continues in earnest at Hillstone. Join us for a drink, some spinach dip, steak or sushi, or just chill and listen as we play original music, jazz and standards, Stevie and Beatles tunes and more at the Ranch.  Jeff Hanley (bass) and Scott Neumann (drums)
  • Tue

    Bill, Still! The Music of Bill Withers


    Bar Lunatico
    486 Halsey Street, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NY

    Everybody loves Bill Withers. But if you're like me, there are some "deep-cut" BW songs you might not know. And, with his notoriously low profile in the scene, he hasn't performed live in decades. Bill, Still! seeks to present Withers' music in a modern, straightforward context that let's the man's songs and classic arrangements shine without unnecessary adornment. Put simply, we've assembled a list of Bill's hits and some lesser-known gems and a group of NYC's funkiest cats are going to deliver simply and straight to your soul, with deep reverence and love.

    Irving Louis Lattin (vocals/guitar), Al Street (guitar), BP (keys), Andy Hess (bass), Ethan Eubanks (drums/MD)