Posted: February 2, 2014

Benny’s Wash n’ Dry Studio

logo-wash-n-dryBenny’s Wash n’ Dry studio, located in Kensington, Brooklyn, is owned and operated by Bennett Paster.  We are committed to the recording and production of music in a creative environment featuring excellent instruments and a mixture of vintage and modern gear in a relaxed yet professional setting.  As a versatile and experienced producer, engineer and performing musician, Bennett’s goal is to inspire you to express yourself and to help bring your musical vision to life.

Featuring an amazing 1933 Steinway B (6’10”) piano, Benny’s Wash n’ Dry has a carefully curated collection of instruments, microphones and recording equipment.  The recently renovated 18’ x 30’ x 7’ main room has an open yet dry sound that’s ideal for solo or group recording of acoustic and electric instruments in natural, clear fidelity.   A new, acoustically-floated, totally isolated 6×8’ sound-booth is big enough for acoustic bass, percussion, several vocalists or a small drum set.  Experienced acoustic consultant Joe Salvatto designed the iso-booth and applied acoustic treatments throughout the studio.  Soothing light-blue walls and panels, flexible lighting and additional windows revealing natural light and grass foster a creative vibe in the performance space.  The Wash n’ Dry is ideally equipped for small jazz & contemporary music groups and singer-songwriters, yet equally well-suited to classical and world-music (and it’s a paradise for keyboardists).

Our recent improvements, our relaxed, creative vibe and an intuitive, musical engineer combine to make Benny’s Wash n’ Dry a great place to record live tracks or keyboard parts, add overdubs or produce your next recording.

For complete information, audio samples, photos and a gear list visit the

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