Posted: August 1, 2019

The critics have spoken…

Thanks to all who have shown support for my new CD Indivisible by purchasing the CD, streaming the record, sharing it with friends and/or attending one of our performances.  I’ve heard from so many friends and fans , both here in the NYC area and around the USA and overseas about how much they’re enjoying the groovy jazz sounds.  We’re so appreciative for your support and your feedback!  Stay tuned for more performances coming soon- We’ll be at Halyard’s in Brooklyn on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019.

The record has been played on over 20 radio stations, mostly jazz and college radio with a peak chart position of 63, but it has made the top 10 weekly jazz lists of several stations.  Thanks to Ben Sholz at Sholz Productions for his deft radio promotion.

Thanks to the tireless work of Jim Eigo’s Jazz Promo Services, we’ve also gotten lots of positive feedback from jazz critics around the world.  Here’s a sampling of reviews.  Click here for more press about Indivisible.


“A very fine keyboardist and pianist, Bennett Paster grows by leaps and bounds with every project.  On his new CD Indivisible, he doesn’t synthesize his influences, but rather turns every composition into his own private vision of blues, mainstream jazz, funk, New Orleans and beyond… He displays bebop sensibilities while reserving the best of his immense talents for a sense of teamwork.”

MGN, Hot House Magazine, June 2019


“Deeply moving grooving jazz”  

Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews


“For his latest, keyboard ace [Bennett Paster] wants to underscore that the groove is everywhere and it can’t be separated no matter how you try to separate the genres.  He proves his point mightily. With loads of swing throughout, his jazz isn’t always purely jazz but it’s welcome no matter to which extremes he takes it. Tasty and assured throughout, this is jazz that’s always welcome.  Well done.​”

Chris Spector, Midwest Record


“A pianist-organist virtuoso… fun grooves…and smooth interplay between the musicians…timeless elegance and shimmering grace… highly danceable…

A universally enjoyable and intriguing affair of solo filled and carefully constructed fusion of blues, country, funk, surf, and others on this charmingly entertaining album.”

Tom Haugen, Take Effect Reviews