Posted: March 3, 2023

Podcast Music Production

Original Music for Where’s My Village? Podcast

Late last Fall I was asked to write and produce music for a new podcast from Fortune Magazine entitled Where’s My Village? It’s a limited series about the childcare crisis in America, and the stories of people who are trying to fix it.

Composing for a podcast was an exciting new learning experience for me. I combined my compositional and technical skills to create a flexible, modular musical construction kit that included a unique theme and a series of flexible musical beds for use under dialog. I’m pleased with how the project turned out- the music serves the content and mood of the stories. As a working parent myself, I find the content resonant and are thought-provoking. Check out Where’s My Village? on Google PodcastsSpotifyApple Music and wherever fine podcasts are streamed.

Looking for music for your new podcast, video or theater production? Don’t hesitate to reach out to start a conversation about working together.