New, Unreleased and Archival recordings

Thanks for clicking your way into my music vault.  Here you’ll find some new, unreleased and classic archival recordings.  Have a listen and you’ll see where I’ve been and get a preview of where I’m going.  Inquire if you’re interested in purchasing any of these recordings.  Most are not for sale to the general public yet.

Window Shopping

(Joel Rosenblatt, Vinny Valentino, Bennett Paster & Gregory Ryan featuring Chris Cheek and Gilad: 2004, Unreleased)

Elatin (Paster)
The Red Door (Ryan)
Too Soon to Tell (Valentino)
Her Eyes (Valentino)
Hip Hop Harmonizer 1 (Cheek)
Sambó (Paster)
Miles and Marcus (Paster)
Time (Valentino)
Window Shopping (Ryan)
Hip Hop Harmonizer (excerpt) (Cheek)

Joel Rosenblatt (drums), Vinny Valentino (guitar), Bennett Paster (rhodes, moog, nord) & Gregory Ryan (elec bass) featuring Chris Cheek (tenor sax) and Gilad (percussion)

In 2003 and 2004 Joel, Vinny, Greg and I decided to do some recording up at Joel’s studio, then in White Plains, NY.  As we got further into the project, we realized that (as usual) adding Chris Cheek and Gilad to a few tracks would only make things better.  This is a funky, dare I say, even fusiony set of music that we’ve all always really loved.  But, we never got around to properly releasing it.  So, for now, you can enjoy it right here- hopefully it’ll be for sale soon.

Recorded by Joel Rosenblatt at Joel’s place with additional recording by Bennett Paster at Benny’s Wash n’ Dry.  Mixed by Larry Phillabaum at Electric Larryland.  Mastered by Mark Wilder at Sony Music, NYC.



(Lavabox: 1997, Unreleased)LavaBox

New Thang (Cabán)
The Feelies (Cabán)
Slippin’ (Crump)
A Funky Blues (Paster)
The Kosmic Intergalactic Mosquito (Cabán)
Frozen Alive (Crump)
Salty Madness (Cabán/Palmer)
Orie (Crump)
Waiting Around (Paster/Crump)
Let The Sun Shine In (Crump)
Aughbeet (Paster)
Dharma Karma (Cabán)

John Cabán (guitar), Bennett Paster (keys), Chris Cheek (tenor sax), Takuya Nakamura (trumpet), Stephan Crump (elec bass) & Tony Mason (drums & percussion)

When I first moved to NYC in 1996, I took up with some of my closest musical connections from my 8 years in Boston and some new acquaintances in NYC  We started jamming every week at a little club called the DBB in the East Village, mostly playing free groove music.  These jam sessions became a band- first called the Technicolor Fiendz, we soon changed our name to Lavabox.  We did manage to record a great studio album, though it was never released.  All of these folks have continued their growth as some of NYCs heaviest improvisors, composers and bandleaders in their own right.  This recording is a good example of one of our early stops on our journey.

Recorded at 78/88 Studio, Queens, NY, November 1997.  Mixed at Showplace Studios, Dover, NJ, January 1998.  Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Larry Phillabaum.  Produced by Lavabox and Larry Phillabaum.