Yes Virginia


(Yes Virginia: 2000, Dandelion Grooves)Yes V Overeasy cover 400x400

Thank God for That

Down Below
Deedee Wants to Come Over
Superman and Superdemon

How the Lord Made You
Drop Damn Nation
Just One Turn
Deviled Egg Box
Up Above


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Matt Stone (vocals, keys, perc), Bennett Paster (keys, vocals), WhyNot Jansveld (bass, keys, vocals), Tamir Muskat (drums), Jamie Moore (drums, vocals), Jill Seifers (vocals)

With guests: Ethan Eubanks (drums), Larry Phillabaum (guitar, keys), Andrew Frawley (drums), Mike Powers (guitar), Rozz Nash (vocals), Jen Chapin (vocals), Becca Byram (vocals), Vanessa Trouble (vocals), Shane Endsley (tpt), Sandro Tomasi (tbn), Chris Cheek (tnr sax), Jess Stone (giggles)

Produced by Matt Stone and Bennett Paster with Larry Phillabaum

Recorded by Bennett Paster at Benny’s Wash n’ Dry, Danny at Vibromunk and Larry Phillabaum at Toxic Audio

Mixed by Larry Phillabaum at Sony Studios, NYC
Except: “Deviled Egg Box” Mixed by Chris Kelly at; “Just One Turn” and “Drop Damn Nation” Mixed by Larry Phillabaum at Frank Booth

Mastered by Chris Kelly and

Brooklyn Above Ground BAG1

This Yes Virginia single was originally released on the CD Brooklyn Above Ground BAG1, a benefit for World Hunger Year.BAG1 250x250

Gone Bad

Buy BAG1 as digital download at

Produced, recorded and mixed by Jamie Moore and Bennett Paster at Benny’s Wash n’ Dry

Words by Jill Seifers and Matt Stone, Music by Bennett Paster and Matt Stone

Matt Stone (vocals), Bennett Paster (clavinet, moog), Jill Seifers (wurli, vocals), Whynot Jansveld (bass, cs01), Jamie Moore (drums, vocals) with Andrew D’Angelo, Curtis Hasselbring and Chris Speed (horns); Sarah Bernstein (violin) and Alice Moore (vocals)