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Many of NYC’s finest musicians have worked and played at the Wash n’ Dry. Wouldn’t you like to join this ever growing list? Please find a friend on the list below and ask them about their experience here or read our testimonials.

As far as small affordable recording studios, you won’t get a better sound than Benny’s Wash ‘n Dry. It’s very well-equipped and Bennett is a top-notch and easy to work with recording engineer. I highly recommend it.
-Rob Garcia (drummer/composer)

What I dig about Benny’s Wash ‘n Dry is the great vibe that Bennett naturally brings to the recording sessions. An amazing pianist himself, he knows what the musicians need to play their best. I’ve always had really positive musical experiences there. As a pianist and keyboardist, it’s also great to have my pick of Bennett’s two Steinways (!), fender rhodes and organ.
-Daniel Kelly

When I recorded at Benny’s Wash and Dry, Bennett made me feel completely at ease, like I was in good hands. Because it is a professional home studio, you get the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere of a home but the high quality of a much more expensive, formal, studio in the middle of downtown NYC chaos. Since Bennett is an extremely talented and experienced musician himself, he has a great ear, and is easily one of the best (and FASTEST) sound engineers in the city. All of my tracks recorded and/or edited at Benny’s (all 16 of them) have turned out sounding great and I have received consistently good feedback from producers, booking managers, musicians, agents, casting directors regarding the quality of my CDs, and I attribute that to Bennett’s work.
-Alix Paige

Working with Bennett Paster at Benny’s Wash ‘n Dry Studio was a wonderful experience. The piano, which had a beautiful and rich sound, was easy to play, and sounded marvelous on the recording. The studio has a nice and relaxed vibe, and Bennett is a very flexible and inquisitive engineer. I would definitely recommend Benny’s Wash ‘n Dry Studio for all styles and formats of recording
-Dahveed Behroozi

Recording at Benny’s Wash ‘n Dry offers the best experience any musician could want! Bennett’s musicianship, engineering talent and experience, and all the equipment you need combine with an easygoing, professional atmosphere. I highly enjoyed the whole process and really appreciated Bennett’s expertise, patience, and attention to detail. He took the time to make sure I was happy with the end result.
-Issa Cabrera

I’ve worked with Bennett Paster at Benny’s Wash ‘n Dry in the capacity of session musician, composer, and producer on recordings ranging from World music to Jazz to Rock. Through it all, Bennett’s engineering skills, patience, attention to detail and musicality have made each session super-productive and a real joy. I would not hesitate to recommend Benny’s Wash ‘n Dry.
-Emiliano Valerio

Bennett has a phenomenal gift of capturing the essence,energy and atmosphere of a recording artist’s vision. And has the recording studio to back it up.
-Lejato Robinson

Benny’s Wash n’ Dry has it all: a good engineer, good gear, and a good vibe. We had a blast working with Bennett and are deeply appreciative of his ability to bring the best out of us, both sonically and musically.
-East West Quartet

Bennett has created a comfortable studio and relaxing atmosphere which is integral to an enjoyable recording experience. When you work at B’s W&D you benefit from an engineer who has great ears and an impressive command of several musical genres. In addition to his solid work as an engineer, Bennett is also one hell of a pianist/keyboardist! You can expect your project to be elevated to the next level when you work with him. Bennett is polite, professional and determined to give you what you want. Working at B’s W&D has been a privilege.
-Trevor Holder

I had a fantastic full day session recording at Benny’s Wash ‘N Dry…yesterday and I felt like I wanted to spread the word. The studio owner, Bennett Paster, was also our engineer and he was professional, knowledgable, and extremely helpful and kind throughout the day. The studio boasts two spectacular grand pianos, and I played the 1933 Steinway B which he’d had freshly tuned for our session. Bennett is a brilliant musician as well, adding another level to his understanding of what I would need during the session. I found the pricing to be quite reasonable as well.
-Michael Harren


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Aaron Dessner
Aaron Morril
Adam Cote
Adam Falcon
Akiki Matsumoto
Alec Berlin
Alex Collins
Alex Clough
Alix Paige
All Heart
Allen Lowe
Amy Lennard
Anders Hentze
Anders Holst
Andrew Suvalsky
Anna Dagmar
Ben Markley
Ben Wisch
Bennett Paster
Benjamin Campbell
Biagio Copa
Brad Shepik
Bremner Duthie
Brian Fishler
Brinsley Evans
Bryce Dessner
CeCe Giannotti
Charlie Kohlmeyer
Chris Benker
Chris Tarry
Chris Webb
Christian Cassan
Christian Lohr
Dahveed Behroozi
Dan Bolton
Dan Weiner
Dane Terry
Daniel Kelly
Daniel Mintseris
David Phelps
David Pruner
David Shapiro
Debbie Deane
Doug Johnson
Drew Paralic
Dylan Heaney
East West Quintet
Ed Littman
Eimi Tanaka
Element Music
Ellynne Rey
Emily Curtis
Eric Halvorson
Eunjung Jo
Fil Eisler
Fiona Smart
Frank Ippolito
Gabriela Anders
Gergana Velivova
Goats in Trees
Grant Gordy
Greta Gertler
Grupo Yanqui
Hank Mason
Horace Scott
Isabel Rose
Issa Cabrera
Jackie Gordon
James Rich
James Shipp
Janie Barnett
Jeff Eyrich
Jen Shyu
Jennifer Piersol
Jeremy Baum
Jill Anna Ponasik
Jim Campagnola
Jim Gately
Jocelyn Swigger
Joe Clausell
Joey Seifers
John Cabán
John Cruz
John Lang
John Thomas
Jonathan Coulton
Jon Ballantyne
Jon Szenics
Jordan Perlson
Josh Shneider
Julia Brown
Ken Rich
Kelly Bedwell
Kiara Duran
KJ Denhert
Lee Metcalf
Lejato Robinson
Libby Weaver
Lisha Lorcari (Music and the Brain)
Lipbone Redding
Lisala Beatty
Lonnie Plaxico
Lucy Woodward
Lynn Gruenewald
Marc Anderson
Marc Urselli
Marje Wagner
Mark Cocheo
Matt Darrieu
Maureen Budway
Melanie Gall
Melissa Cabrera
Michael Harren
Michael Ross
Michelle Amador
Mike Beck
Mike Cassedy
Mike Eckroth
Mike Veal
Misha Piatigorsky
Nadje Noordhuis
Nathan Peck
Neil Gevisser
Nikki Denner
Paul Beaudry
Paster, Ryan & Hall
Peter Scherer
Ray Lustig
Rene Lopez
Rick Price
Ritt Henn
Rob Garcia
Rupert Wates
Ruth Levy
Ryan Blotnick
Scott Mendelsohn
Scott Wakefield
Sean McMorris
Sheryl Bailey
Shinko Okudaira
Simon Kafka
Stefan Litzky
Steve Wilkenson
Steven Wilborn
Susan Innamorito
Teddy Goldstein
The Citizens
The National
Thom Loubet
Toby Kasaval (Fingers del Rey)
Tom Beckham
Tony Jefferson
Tor Madsen
Trevor Gale
Trevor Holder
Tyley Ross
Vincent Lebrun
Vinson Valega
Yoko Yates
Zurin Villanueva