Studio Gear

Vintage keys paradise!

Benny’s Wash n’ Dry Studio
Bennett Paster

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DAW software: Avid Pro Tools 2021.12
Harrison Mixbus 32C
Presonus Studio One 4
Notation Software: Avid Sibelius 2021.12

Control Surface: Mackie MCU Pro

Plugins: UAD, Sonarworks, Izotope, Plugin-Alliance, FabFilter, Waves, Hofa, Slate Digital, Eiosis, SoundToys V5; Celemony Melodyne and Antares Auto Tune, Metric Halo, Sonnox, IK Multimedia, Valhalla, Oeksound Smoothe 2, Soundtheory Gullfoss, Eventide, Avid & AIR plugins and many more. Ask for specifics if you need something in particular, or bring your iLok and install whatever you need.

Audiomovers ListenTo allows live streaming stereo audio at up to 96K (bandwidth permitting) for live remote sessions.

Studio Computers:
• Mac Pro (Mid 2013, 6,1) 12-core 2.7 Ghz, 64GB RAM, SSD, OSX 10.15.7 Catalina with 24” Dell Monitor
• MacBook Pro (June 2012: 10,1) 2.6Ghz, 4 core i7, 15” Retina display, 16gig RAM, Mac OSX 10.15.7
• Universal Audio Firewire Satellite Octo & Satellite Quad

Pro Tools | Carbon (8 analog in/out), (44.1, 48, 88.2 & 96K sample rates supported)
Lynx Aurora (n) 16 (16 analog in/out), (44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 & 192 Khz sample rates supported)
Benchmark DAC-1 (44.1, 48, 88.2 & 96K sample rates supported)
Standard configuration: Pro Tools | Carbon connected to Mac Pro via AVB plus Aurora 16(n) 16 connected to Carbon via optical digital: 24 ins/outs @ 44.1 & 48Khz or 16 channels at 88.2 & 96Khz. System is ultra-low latency, (faster than Pro Tools HD).
Optional configuration: Aurora 16 (n) connected to MacPro via Thunderbolt with Pro Tools | Carbon Connected via optical cables. 24 inputs/outputs at up to 96Khz

Monitors: JBL LSR6328P (stereo, no sub); IK Multimedia iLoud; and some awesome, terrible-sounding portable computer speakers, similar to a boombox- great for reference. All custom-calibrated to my room by Sonorworks Sound ID

Headphone Mixers: Digital Audio Labs livemix AD24 system: 4 dual mixers, each with16 inputs (for a total of 8 musicians with independent mixes for each); Avid Carbon (4) independent headphone sends; Presonus HP4: 4 additional stereo headphone outputs; Headphones: Audio Technica ATH M-50 (4) and M40 (2), Status Audio CB-1 (5), Direct Sound (Xtreme Isolation), Sony

Preamps: Pendulum MDP1 (2 channel tube)
API 3124m+ (4 channel)
John Hardy M-1 (4 channel, all w/ transformer)
Focusrite ISA428 (4 channel)
Pro Tools | Carbon (8 channel)
Presonus Digimax FS (8 channel)

Mics: ADK Z-Mod 67 (tube condenser styled after Neumann U67)
ADK Z-251 (tube condenser styled after Telefunken 251)
Lawson L47 MKII (tube condenser, styled after a Neumann U47)
Schoeps CMC64 (2) (cardiod) (matched pair)
Gefell M930 (2) (matched pair)
AKG 414 BULS (2), D112
Samar VL 37 Ribbon Microphone (2)
Audio Technica 4051 (cardioid) (2)
Shure SM57 (2), SM 58 (2), SM7, SM59, KSM8
Audix D6, VX10
Beyerdynamic M201, TGx180s
Sennheiser 421 mk2, e609
Avenson Audio STO2 (2) (omni)
Cascade Fathead II (2) (ribbon mic)
EV RE20, N/D 767a

DI: Radial JDI (stereo, with Jensen transformer)
Countryman Audio
Whirldwind IMP-2

Studio: My primary recording space is one long room (approx 18’ x 35’ x 7’) with no separate control room.  2 windows and 1 French door provide natural light. There is a 6 x 8’ completely floated isolation booth with a large window.  There are 5 gobos (3 with windows, 2 without, 4 are two pieces, top and bottom) which I can move to adjust the rooms acoustics and isolation possibilities.  There is a bathroom and a front hall area that allow for some additional isolation locations.  Thinly-carpeted wood floors throughout.  Acoustic panels, iso-booth and custom acoustic design by Joe Salvatto.  The studio is heated and air conditioned.

Piano: 1933 Steinway B (6’10”) with original soundboard, but restrung and with a rebuilt action (1996/2007)- the action is a bit heavy, but very even and meticulously regulated.  It sounds warm, present, full and thick- great for jazz, rock, pop etc.

Keyboards: Hammond CV Organ (moded with percussion and reverb to be as a C2) with Leslie 21H (3 speed mod: Chorale, Tremolo, Brake), Rhodes Stage 73, 2 different Wurlitzer 200As,  Hohner D6 Clavinet, Moog Minimoog Model D, Moog Prodigy, Oberheim Matrix 1000 (2), Nord Stage 2 76HA (Rev B), Nord Stage 73SW, Roland Fantom FA-76, XP 30, and JV 1080, Nord Lead 2, Casio Privia PX3 (88 key weighted), Komplete Kontrol S61

Soft synths: Native Instruments Komplete 12, Vienna Instruments Special Edition (Orchestral Library), Arturia V-Collection; Waldorf Largo, IK Multimedia Sampletank 4 all in bundle (incl: Miroslav Philharmonik), Lounge Lizard, Scarbee Classic EP-88S, UVI: Toy Museum, World Suite 2, Sunbird, Tines, Beatbox Anthology, Percussion Store ; Gospel Musicians Neo Soul Keys Studio 2; Cherry Audio DCO 106; Isotope iris 2; Straight Ahead Acoustic bass, trumpet, bongos and congas,

Other Instruments: Fender Jazz Bass (2000s, Mexican, flat-wounds), Martin acoustic guitar (1990s?)

Amps: Guitar: Fender Vibrolux (silverface, tube) and Deluxe (silverface, tube), champ (blackface, tube). Marshall Class 5 (Class A, 5 watt amp w/ 8” celestion)
Bass: Ampeg B15 (tube, early 70s, second version), Fender Rumble 60

Drums: 20″ 60’s Gretsch round badge Kick (w/ Yamaha hardware for 1 rack tom)
12″ rack- 60’s Gretsch round badge
15″ floor Gretsch, but early 70’s (actually a field drum with floor tom legs, but it’s really well matched to the rest of the kit.)
20″ 60’s Rogers Kick
Pearl Billy Hart wood snare 14×5”
Ludwig Supraphonic metal snare 14×5”
Ludwig wood snare 14×6”
Ludwig Metal snare 14×5”
(2) kick-drum pedals: Pearl, DW
(3) cymbal stands- 2 straight, 1 boom
(2) high-hat stands: Slingerland, ??
(2) snare stands: Pacifica, Ludwig (extra tall- good for rack tom)
Cymbals: Zildian K Constantinople 20” ride w/ rivet, Zildian K Custom Dry Light 20” ride, Zildian K Dark Medium Thin 17” crash, Zildian 14” hi-hats similar to New Beats, Sabian HH Classic 20” ride

Misc: Ample mic stands for all mics including tall and short boom, (5) metal music stands, adjustable height (Manhasset or similar), plus (2) wire stands; (4) metal/padded folding chairs, 2 wood/padded chairs, dining table, small sofa

[Updated 1.22]