Keyboard Tracks

Bennett says: “Need some keyboard tracks for a project you’re working on?Bennett Paster: The Classon 02-28-14

Yes, I’ll play on your recording!


While I truly enjoy engineering and producing, my first love is playing keyboards. Whether behind the keyboard or the computer my priority is helping artists achieve their artistic vision.  My motto remains “Serve the Song.”

Amazing musicians have been coming to the Wash n’ Dry or emailing files from cyberspace, asking me to add my tasty vintage-keyboard, Hammond organ and Steinway flavor to their tracks.  Recently, I’ve performed on tracks for Steve Winwood, Joe Clausell, Ben Wisch, Richard Perso, Bruno Oro, Thor Madsen,  Rick Price, Amy Lennard, Teddy Goldstein, Jesper Dupont, Alec Berlin, Frank Ippolito, Greg Kavanaugh, Ed Littman, Horace Scott and Jon Szenics, among others.

If you’d like me to play on or produce your music please don’t hesitate to ask.  I offer reasonable rates, quick turnaround time and I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with my tracks, whether we work together in person or collaborate online.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for audio samples of tracks I’ve played on as a sideman.  Or visit my artist site to hear one of my many solo projects.

Wurli 200 and vintage pedals

1933 Steinway B









My keyboard collection includes: 

Vintage keys paradise!

Pianos:1933 Steinway B (6’10”) with a rebuilt action (1996/2007) It sounds warm, present, full and thick- great for jazz, rock, pop etc.

1907 Steinway O (5’10”) that was totally rebuilt in 2004 by Faust Harrison.  It has a mellower, but more dynamic tone than the B.

Hammond CV Organ (moded with percussion and reverb to be like a C2) with Leslie 21H (3 speed mod: Chorale, Tremolo, Brake)

Vintage Keys: Rhodes Stage 73, Wurlitzer 200A, Hohner D6 Clavinet, Moog Minimoog Model D, Moog Prodigy

Synths: Nord Stage 2, Oberheim Matrix 1000 (2), Roland Fantom, XP 30, and JV 1080, Nord Lead 2, Casio Privia PX3

Soft synths: Arturia V Collection 3 (Mini V, Modular V, CS-80V, ARP2600 V, Prophet V & Prophet VS, Jupiter 8-V, Oberheim SEM V, Wurlitzer V and Spark Vintage), Reason 7, G-Force Melotron, Arp Odyssey, MiniMoog and OsCAR, Vienna Instruments Special Edition (Orchestral Library), UVI String Machines

Plus vintage tube amplifiers and countless effects pedals.

Below is an assortment of recordings to which I’ve contributed keyboard tracks.  They demonstrate the breadth of artists who work at the Wash n’ Dry and also of my abilities.  See notes after each track explaining which instruments I play and what style the tracks are.  Thanks to all the artists for allowing me to share these recordings with you.

Click on any song title to play audio in this window.

And, please check out the samples of my work as a solo artist at my artist site,


Real Trucking Woman and Love Supreme
From Après Minuit: Deja Voodoo (Cece Gianotti)
Singer-Songwriter rock, BP on piano, wurli and Hammond


Livin’ Like We Care
From Teddy Goldstein: Alright is the New Fantastic.
Singer-songwriter/rock with BP on Wurli and Hammond.


From Adam Falcon: Bohemian 959 (Ghetto Drum Records GD 2009-1)
A funky sly-esque groove featuring BP on clavinet and Hammond.


Little Finger
From Jodi Sheeler: Mermaids
Singer/Songwriter-rock- BP plays Wurli, acoustic piano and mellotron.


Thank God for That
From Yes Virginia: Overeasy
Funky rock- BP plays Wurli, clavinet, Moog, nord and efx.


Last Kiss
From Jodi Sheeler: Mermaids
Warm, crunchy Hammond, a-la Procul Harem, plus a cool mellotron strings arrangement at 2:56.


From Yes Virginia: Overeasy
Funky Rock- BP plays clavinet, synth and distorted vocals.

Sunshine (Woke Me Up This Morning)
From Adam Falcon: Bohemian 959 (Ghetto Drum Records GD2009-1)
70’s-style classic funk.  BP plays Wurli, Hammond and a little clavinet at the end.


From Organic!  Sweets
An extended journey through the colors of the Hammond organ.  And check out the ring-mod Wurli at 6:10.


From Organic!  Sweets
A journey through the sonic possibilities off the clavinet with and without effects, plus crazy synth-bass and synth-lead at 7’…  Dig it!


From Bennett Paster, Joel Rosenblatt, Gregory Ryan & Vinny Valentino: Window Shopping
Jazz/Latin fusion- Smooth Fender Rhodes on a BP original tune.